5 sentence review of Two and a Half Men

Season 9, Episode 15: “Duchess of Dull-in-the-Sack”

5. “Two and a Half Men” requires a certain suspension of disbelief, but the idea that a woman would have trouble enjoying sex with Ashton Kutcher goes into bad science fiction.

4. Walden (Kutcher) can’t seem to get Zoey (Sophie Winkleman) to enjoy their bedroom escapades, so they try pot brownies which results in her running around in a negligee in a paranoid delusion for much of the episode.

3. When that fails, Walden takes Zoey’s daughter, Ava (the adorable, gap-toothed Talyan Wright), to the zoo and this display of fatherhood skills results in him getting freaky sex.

2. Alan (Jon Cryer) is in the episode and appears miserable, while Jake (Angus T. Jones) makes an appearance stoned and Berta (Conchata Ferrell), whom I’d actually forgotten was on the show, says something gross and sexual.

1. “Two and a Half Men” feels lazy and bored with itself, wandering off into a spinoff  show about Kutcher and Winkleman with Cryer and Jake slowly fading away — just like the laughs on this popular yet uninspired sitcom.

Sophie Winkleman needs to pose for Maxim or GQ or something, because it is a pain to find hot photos of her for this blog. I mean we could get screen caps of the episodes in her sexy lingere, but, frankly, we are not that interested in doing that much work even though we get tons of hits looking for Winkleman pictures.