On TV: David Letterman pays tribute to Robin Williams

David Letterman downplays his contribution to late night television. He was not as cool as Johnny Carson, people say. And that’s probably true. Still, Dave, now in his final year, remains funny and relevant. He speaks from the heart with a decency that is all too absent in these times. Here is his kind tribute to his longtime friend Robin Williams.

Twisted TV Listings: ‘Ghostbusters’ vs. ‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’


6 P.M. THE GHOST & MRS. MUIR — COMEDY: Tired of the machinations of the mercurial and pompous poltergeist  Daniel Gregg (Edward Mulhare), Mrs. Muir (Hope Lange) calls in the Ghostbusters to trap the ghost of the 19th century sea captain. But will she find the smarmy advances of Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) any less terrifying?

Morning Mixtape: ‘Word Crimes’ By ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

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This song is dedicated to all the teachers who tried to get me to pay attention in English class, to all the assignment editors and copy editors who catch my grammatical goofs and to all the retired English teachers who write snotty notes to every person who writes for a living because they may no longer work in a classroom but the can’t resist correcting papers. This is “Word Crimes” by the terrific “Weird Al” Yankovic. Enjoy this song.