Morning Mixtape: ‘Take Five’ By Dave Brubeck

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I watched the fine documentary “Life Itself” about the journey of the late film critic Roger Ebert. Late in the film, as Ebert is dying of cancer that had taunted him for seven years, his wife, Chaz Ebert, realizes he’s going and puts on Dave Brubeck.

Twisted TV Listings: ‘Ghostbusters’ vs. ‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’


6 P.M. THE GHOST & MRS. MUIR — COMEDY: Tired of the machinations of the mercurial and pompous poltergeist  Daniel Gregg (Edward Mulhare), Mrs. Muir (Hope Lange) calls in the Ghostbusters to trap the ghost of the 19th century sea captain. But will she find the smarmy advances of Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) any less terrifying?