5-sentence review of ‘The Big Bang Theory: The Clean Room Infiltration’


“The Big Bang Theory” | Season 8, Episode 11: “The Clean Room Infiltration”
| Date: Dec. 11. 2014

  1. I’ve been lukewarm to the last couple episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and I think I’ve finally figured out why.
  2. I once found these characters to be charming reflections of pop culture-obsessed people.
  3. I tolerated the fumbling relationship between the nerd (Johnny Galecki) and the beauty (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) because there was the occasional “Doctor Who” reference.
  4. But now “TBBT” is a standard relationship comedy, which doesn’t interest me in the least.
  5. The characters have evolved, albeit slowly, from people I enjoyed hanging out with for a half hour each week to people I would actively avoid and I may just do that with the series as a whole.

On TV: Catching up with Craig Ferguson


  1. The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” ends Dec. 19 and I’m letting it go without much attention.
  2. I enjoyed Ferguson’s manic, unscripted vamps with the robot and the fake horse, especially when I was in the throws of a very long depression, but of late, I’m suffering from a terrible case of TV anhedonia and even though Ferguson will soon be gone, I just can’t seem to care.
  3. I watched a recent episode in which his guest was Carrie Fisher, whose bawdy humor plays well off Ferguson’s cheekiness, but I grew tired of the penis jokes and them my DVR flubbed and I lost the rest of the show, which is fine because the second guest is Dave Attell, whose work I don’t like.
  4. Jay Leno is going to be Ferguson’s final guest this Friday, which is a shame as I don’t find that guy funny at all and would have much preferred the saucy Betty White as Ferguson took his final bow.
  5. I must credit Ferguson on this point: He knew he was doing something different, he know it couldn’t — and shouldn’t — go on forever like “The Simpsons,” and he appears to be leaving at a point when I no longer find him entertaining despite his irresistible, cheery charms.

5-sentence review of ‘The Simpsons: I Won’t Be Home Christmas’


The Simpsons” | Season 26, Episode 10: “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas
| Date: Dec. 7, 2014

  1. “The Simpsons” had a Christmas episode last week.
  2. Homer did something stupid, but Marge forgave him and everybody was happy.
  3. “The Simpsons” as an spin-off series began as a Christmas special in 1989.
  4. The got the dog, Santa’s Little Helper, at the end of that episode.
  5. Fortunately, “Simpsons” characters don’t age, otherwise that dog would be as dead as I feel inside when I watch the show 25 years later.

5-sentence review of ‘Family Guy: The 2,000-year-old Virgin’

220px-Family_Guy_Logo.svgFamily Guy” | Season 13, Episode 6: “The 2,000-year-old Virgin” | Date: Dec. 7, 2014

  1. I stopped watching television about five weeks ago when I got a new job at work.
  2. I had some downtime this evening and decided to see if I could ease back into doing some reviews.
  3. I picked an episode of the Fox animated stalwart “Family Guy” to loosen up and get my grove back.
  4. The episode suggested Jesus was essentially a date rapist tricking dumb Christian men into letting him sleep with his wives.
  5. I’m all for anything goes comedy, but once everything is gone, there isn’t much to laugh at and that’s a place where I think “Family Guy” is at right now.

Morning Mixtape: ‘Style’ by Taylor Swift from ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014′

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There’s almost a high school quality to the way Taylor Swift interacts with the models, you know, if your high school was made up of supermodels and pop stars. But it’s like the captain of the cheerleaders is high-fiving and shaking hands with the other cheerleaders while performing in front of the crowd. It gives the viewer a sense that everybody is friends here and they’re share some mutual admiration. The mood adds to the peek-a-boo feeling of the event. You’re getting a rare glimpse of how besties behave together. There was a time in my life when I would have dismissed this as nothing, but in the age of social media, I think Taylor Swift performing at the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” is one giant selfie.

Morning Mixtape: ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift at the ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2014′

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I missed the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” last night, a rarity for me. I know there are people who would scream at me for enjoying such a thing, but I don’t care. I like it. And don’t we have enough people who hate fun? I also really enjoy Taylor Swift and this catch pop tune. I enjoyed how many of the models sang along with Swift. It was a sign of how plugged into the elusive now Swift is. It’s a good pop song from a good pop record. It’s fun. Enjoy.