5-paragraph review of ‘Enlisted’ pilot


Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot” | Original air date: Jan. 10, 2014

  1. I’m hesitant to praise “Enlisted” because I’ve already been burned by a Fox sitcom this year. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” started strong, but faded to background noise. This series is about three brothers assigned to a Florida military base on a platoon of screwups and already feels well on its way to being easily ignored.
  2. The pilot was amusing enough. There’s rat-ta-tat dialogue. The cast is cheerful.
  3. But I’ve seen “Private Benjamin” and read “Beetle Bailey.” I feel like I could map out three or four plots that we’ll see in the series’ 13-episode run.
  4. The other issue: Comedy requires a certain irreverence. I’m not sure you can do a send-up of military life without poking fun at the military, which this show seems afraid to do lest they seek the fiery wrath of lapel-pin patriots.
  5. I might tune in once in a while because this is a Friday night show and there’s nothing else on, but I wouldn’t count on the series lasting all 13 episodes or my regular viewership.

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