1-paragraph review of ‘Ironside’ pilot


Original air date: Oct. 2, 2013

Being a police reporter really ruins my ability to watch stupid TV cop shows. “Ironside” is a stupid cop show, a remake of a mediocre 1960s cop show by the same name starring Raymond Burr. Apparently the producers of the new “Ironside” thought if the show was a little less “Sherlock in a wheelchair” and a little more “Murderball,” it would be good. They were wrong. Blair Underwood stars as Ironside, a detective shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. He wins a lawsuit against the city. He is reinstated and given a team of crack detectives to work with him. Ironside lacks the use of his legs, but he is still exceptionally violent. The show opens with him beating a suspect in the backseat of a car. Later, he orders a hostage shot in the leg in order for police to sweep in and take the hostage taker into custody. This is bad police work. It’s even worse drama. There is one bright spot. It’s Underwood. He has a terrific voice. He could replace Morgan Freeman as the next narrator of everything. He definitely has screen charisma. It’s too bad the show he is in stinks.

Your takes.

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