5-sentence review of Breaking Bad: Fifty-one

Season 5, Episode 4: “Fifty-one”

5. Skylar (Anna Gunn) may be the only character still connected to reality even though she seems like she’s coming unglued.

4. Her terrified, teeth-gritted role as Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) mob wife, for lack of a better term, carries the tension of this fifth season.

3. Walt is lost in his own arrogance, buying (well, leasing) expensive cars and acting as if being a meth manufacturer is as normal as an occupation as the bumbling high school science teacher he once was.

2. Hank (Dean Norris) continues to unravel strings of Gus’s empire, coming after Mike (Jonathan Banks) and by extension Walt, now with the full power of his regional DEA office to grind away.

1. Yet Walt jabbers through his birthday party like he’s still a heroic cancer survivor while his wife tries to drown herself in the pool — a clear symbol for the waves of destruction and misery Walt brings with him.

Your takes.

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