#DallasTNT: Family Business in tweets

  1. This week’s Dallas open’s with Christopher and his estranged wife shopping together for their twin babies.
  2. PaperWadofGod
    And why buy TWO ridiculous little “teddy” apes in yellow shirts @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:06:08
  3. newsmanone
    Oh look. It’s Christopher. Gosh, I’m bored. #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:07:16
  4. newsmanone
    Walter Skinner is getting tough. #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:09:39
  5. PaperWadofGod
    can we bring in Fox and Mulder…i think one of the X-file movies was set in part in nearby Houston @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:08:31
  6. newsmanone
    Lots of menacing states this episode. #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:10:48
  7. PaperWadofGod
    Bobby is experiencing the long term effects of too much jalepono butter @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:14:10
  8. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod The strain of carrying the show without JR was too much for Bobby. #dallastnt
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:16:26
  9. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Did Bobby just realize how much Christopher sucks and give up? #dallastnt
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:17:10
  10. PaperWadofGod
    Elana lets John Ross know we she truly thinks of him, having kept Bobby’s cancer from him @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:20:59
  11. PaperWadofGod
    Bobby stay in bed…no one wants to catch a glimpse of your ass @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:21:40
  12. newsmanone
    If it’s really Bobby’s time to go, maybe he can still adopt John Ross, cause his last adoption was a #fail. #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:22:35
  13. newsmanone
    Every second Christopher is on TV is a second we could be looking at John Ross or Jordana Brewster. #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:24:10
  14. newsmanone
    JR’s return is played for laughs. Where have you gone Darth Vader? #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:26:16
  15. Yoda_Bot
    @newsmanone The boy you trained, gone he is, consumed by Darth Vader.
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:27:43
  16. PaperWadofGod
    I like JR and John Ross because when they get insulted, they ignore it…unlike the super sensitive generation we have become @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:29:00
  17. newsmanone
    You’ve hurt my feelings. #Dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:29:59
  18. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone i will get to work on composing an apology #WipesAssWithIt
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:31:09
  19. newsmanone
    I’m going to write a very stern blog entry about you. @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:32:34
  20. PaperWadofGod
    JR: Too Old to Have a Roommate…good words to live by @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:34:55
  21. newsmanone
    JR is a sappy old man. John Ross has turned into Christopher. I’m suddenly bored. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:36:08
  22. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone be grateful that JR is back at least…maybe TNT will give us one of their patented BOMBSHELLs
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:38:06
  23. newsmanone
    Sue Ellen slaps JR. Is that elder abuse? #dallastnt @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:37:42
  24. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone i like his slap reaction #OscarMoment
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:40:15
  25. newsmanone
    Bobby: Your lapses aren’t when you do wrong. Your lapses are when you do right. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:44:45
  26. PaperWadofGod
    classy scene from JR…he is like Martin Landaeu on Entourage, head and shoulders above the rest of the cast @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:45:42
  27. PaperWadofGod
    wtf, John Ross is a drilling expert AND christopher discovered cheap, clean fuel…what a family! @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:47:48
  28. newsmanone
    This Hallmark moment is gagging me. #DallasTNT has betrayed me. @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:48:53
  29. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone when everything works out on a soap opera, it means it is being cancelled
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:51:13
  30. newsmanone
    They’re trying to make these secondary characters scary. #DallasTNT #fail @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:56:06
  31. PaperWadofGod
    Johnny Cash…that is solid @newsmanone #WhenTheManComesAround
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:56:30
  32. Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around
    Sun, Sep 06 2009 10:31:16
  33. PaperWadofGod
    Cloud storage service…can #DallasTNT talk Big 12 football or jalapeno butter? @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 18:58:45
  34. newsmanone
    This song is a little cheerful for a brutal fight and a guy almost dying. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 19:00:10
  35. PaperWadofGod
    wow, the episode comes full circle with blood on the ape teddy bears @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 19:00:18
  36. PaperWadofGod
    blood on ape teddy bears…does that count as a bomb shell? @newsmanone
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 19:00:49
  37. newsmanone
    Good cliffhanger. Doesn’t make up for the namby pamby before, though. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 19:02:22
  38. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone the cliffhanger being: will dry cleaning repair those teddy bears?
    Wed, Aug 01 2012 19:03:24

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