5-sentence review of Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay

Season 5, Episode 3: “Hazard Pay”

5. What a magnificent bastard Walt (Bryan Cranston) has become.

4. He sits next to the little boy he poisoned in Season 4 in order to manipulate Jessie (Aaron Paul) and looks at him like a scientific curiosity rather than a child he nearly killed.

3. He twists Skylar’s (Anna Gunn) breakdown into an elegant lie as Marie (Betsy Brandt) tries to pry truth out of a man who doesn’t have any left in him.

2. Finally, Skylar awakens to see Walt and their son watching “Scarface” and the pair pleading, “Join us.”

1. Season 5 has the feeling of fingers tightening around a throat, slowly squeezing the last bits of life out of someone, but it’s unclear if it is Walter or everyone else who is being choked out.

2 thoughts on “5-sentence review of Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay

  1. You forgot to mention that Walt is a magnificent, greedy Bastard. He still ended up with over 100,000$ off of one cook, you’d think he’d be pretty happy about that.

    Btw do you have the option to follow you by email? My blogroll on wordpress is a bit full but I do a smaller selection for email notifications and I’ve been looking for a good TV review blog like this one.

    Cheers :)

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