#DallasTNT No Good Deed in Tweets

  1. newsmanone
    John Ross is in the jail charged with murder of the gal who was pretending to be someone else. Classic #DallasTNT
  2. PaperWadofGod
    i figured Bobby and Christopher would be helping John Ross since they are such big family wonks @newsmanone
  3. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone the tex mex dish TNT’s Dallas puts jalepeno butter on tonight will be a BOMBSHELL
  4. newsmanone
    The BOMBSHELL this week is the beating John Ross is about to take. JR is going to turn someone over his knee. @PaperWadofGod
  5. newsmanone
    This appearance of Tony Alemida reminds me how much I miss 24. That was when this guy seemed menacing. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  6. newsmanone
    Carlos Bernard, the menacing Venezuelan, is from Chicago but of Polish and Spanish decent. So he’s just bad. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  7. PaperWadofGod
    Exxon is eager to buy this new technology and then dumping it into the gulf of mexico @newsmanone
  8. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone yeah, he could die in a methane explosion and i would not care…that or die enhaling a deadly strain of jalepeno butter
  9. newsmanone
    The beat down of John Ross would have been better if it was Christopher. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  10. newsmanone
    Pouring oil on a Ewing is like giving gamma radiation to the Hulk. Don’t make me oily. You wouldn’t like me when I’m oily. @PaperWadofGod
  11. newsmanone
    Can you imagine anything worse than waking up from a prison beating to see Christopher? #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  12. newsmanone
    Wouldn’t it be great if Mama Ewing rose from the grave as a zombie? #WalkingDead #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  13. newsmanone
    JR doesn’t always drink hard alcohol, but when he does he prefers it without fruit on a stick. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  14. newsmanone
    Nobody is less likely to be believed delivering a Godfather line than Christopher. F- @PaperWadofGod
  15. PaperWadofGod
    Christopher is turning the Venezuelan character into an interesting and sympathetic charcter @newsmanone
  16. newsmanone
    Ewings need to hold a team meeting when they scheme. Christopher crossed up Sue Ellen worse than a knuckleballer. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  17. PaperWadofGod
    with John Ross’s injuries, hopefully he gets put on a jello diet like his daddy @newsmanone
  18. newsmanone
    Chis is tired of being angry at everyone. I’m tired of him sucking so bad. #DallasTNT @PaperWadofGod
  19. Typo. Chris. Anyway you spell it, it’s pronounced “sucks.”

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