5-sentence review of Sullivan and Son

Series premier on TBS

5. Well, it’s not “Cheers,” but “Sullivan and Son” is good enough you might want to get to know everyone’s name.

4. There’s Steve Sullivan (Steve Byrne), a corporate goon who gives up his New York job and shallow girlfriend to return to Pittsburgh and run the bar owned by his parents, Jack (Dan Lauria)and Ok Cha (Jodi Long).

3. There’s Susan (Vivian Bang), Steve’s younger sister and their mom’s verbal punching bag, and Melanie (Valerie Azlynn), a paramedic in the most form-fitting uniforms in the history of medics (and also a love interest of Steve.)

2. There’s a bunch of regulars — a “charming” racist guy, a drunken, promiscuous cougar and just about one person from every race in the United Nations.

1. “Sullivan and Son” has a lot of heart and is mildly amusing in the basic cable manner — it doesn’t break any rules or do anything different but there’s always a chance it might … even though it won’t.


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