5-sentence review of Your Sister’s Sister

Joyce the Hairdresser, my mom 2.0, dictates this review from her recent theater experience.

5. It was 6:30 at night and Bob and I both had our pajamas on and we weren’t going anywhere but I said, “Well, we could go to the movie, but we’d have to get our clothes back on, so we did.”

4. We went clear over to the theater on the south side by the airport and this French couple behind us wouldn’t shut up and the cell phones didn’t ring but the kept lighting up and people held the up to their faces so everybody got to see that light and it distracted you from the movie, not that it was much of a show.

3. Bob, what the hell was the name of that movie? (From the other room, Bob the Printer, my dad 2.0, says something unintelligible.) I don’t know, something about sisters.

2. This one man (Mark Duplass) was sad and so this gal who likes him (Emily Blunt) puts him up at the family cabin and he sleeps with her sister (Rosemarie DeWitt) and everybody is sad and the whole thing ends with people sitting around a toilet waiting for a pregnancy test and they don’t even tell you how it came out, which is just ignorant.

1. Anyway, it was dumb, really dumb.


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