5-sentence review of Ted

Mila Kunis stars in “Ted.”

5. “Ted” is a twisted “Toy Story,” a ribald episode of “Family Guy” unencumbered by broadcast standards and the most original, funniest movie of the summer.

4. As a boy, John Bennett wishes his Teddy bear (voiced by writer/director Seth MacFarlane) to life like a sort of fuzzy, foul-mouthed Pinocchio.

3. Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) remains pals with the stuffed animal into adulthood to the chagrin of his hot girlfriend (Mila Kunis).

2. “Ted” is strong with the MacFarlane voice, not just in the literal sense, but with his signature combination of edgy humor — everything from racist jokes to sexy dances — with oddball homages to popular culture, in this case the 1980 flop “Flash Gordon.”

1. “Ted” also proves MacFarlane is ready to replace the overrated Judd Apatow as the box office comedy king.


Rated R

1 hour, 53 minutes

Director: Seth MacFarlane

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane.

Finney’s Flicks Grade: B+

One thought on “5-sentence review of Ted

  1. i like the premise of 5-sentence reviews. They cut right to the chase. I saw both Ted and Moonrise Kingdom this weekend. They were not as dissimilar as I had expected. http://bit.ly/McgjpC

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