5-sentence review of Longmire, Episode 4

Katee Sackhoff is in Longmire, though she doesn’t have much to do. That’s OK, because it gives The General an excuse to run her picture.

Season 1, Episode 4: “The Cancer”

5. Over beers at the Red Pony, Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) laments to Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips) that he once could count all the murders in his county on one hand, maybe two.

4. Henry makes a joke about “progress,” but he could just as easily have said “welcome to the basic cable police procedural.”

3. In four episodes, there have been at least six homicides, including a mafia hit and, this week, an invasion of violence from Mexican drug cartels.

2. Longmire is a great character played perfectly by Taylor, but the show has got to be more creative than just be another murder-of-the-week model in the “Law & Order: Big Sky Country” vein.

1. “The Cancer” laid the framework for future character revelations — including the death of Walt’s wife, why Walt’s house is in such disrepair and what the tension is between Walt and the local Native American tribe — but it’s not enough to make this episode interesting.

2 thoughts on “5-sentence review of Longmire, Episode 4

  1. I have to disagree. They introduced the future love interest here too. Remember the first season of Justified? It was mainly all one and done episodes. It didn’t get to the point of over arching story points until season 2 really. Longmire is an excellent show and a breath of fresh air amid all the reality TV out there.

  2. Actually, I’ve never watched “Justified.” The love interest didn’t do anything for me. I think the love interest is Katee Sackhoff. Of course she could just be my love interest. It wasn’t a bad show, just not my favorite episode. The corpse-of-the-week format is so dull and overdone. I need more from “Longmire,” despite his lovably brusk demeanor.

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