#DallasTNT: The Price You Pay in tweets

  1. PaperWadofGod
    plot prediction:the young Ewing NOT John Ross works to make a better electric car #DallasTNT @newsmanone
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:02:07
  2. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Did you just make a NOT joke? #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:05:11
  3. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod The grifter wife doesn’t know how to shoot. Unbelievable. #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:07:08
  4. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone oh no, the dreaded computer remote access plot…did they just Lisbeth Salander NOT John Ross’s computer?
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:09:04
  5. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Careful. We’re watching #dallastnt. Rooney Mara is Pittsburg Steelers/NY Giants royalty. We don’t want to get lynched.
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:13:56
  6. PaperWadofGod
    I like that JR is rocking the old school kerchief @newsmanone #DallasTNT
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:10:26
  7. PaperWadofGod
    “I am going to give you a pass on trying to screw me”…Jr is awfully forgiving tonight…in 5 card stud we call that a “bluff” @newsmanone
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:12:05
  8. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR knows she’s not who she says she is. Does she know he knows? #dallastnt #duckseason #wabbitseason
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:15:36
  9. PaperWadofGod
    Cancer talk…I’d like a hard-living health issue on #dallastnt like heart issues or an accident working on a derrick @newsmanone
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:18:39
  10. PaperWadofGod
    JR moving back home !!!!! @newsmanone #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:19:07
  11. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR manipulates Bobby back into South Fork. Then he manipulates John Ross. Sweet.
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:20:52
  12. PaperWadofGod
    jordana brewster is going to solve this clean fuel issue a quarter mile at a time @newsmanone #dallastnt #fastfurious
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:21:31
  13. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Science talk. I haven’t been this bored since physic soccer tournament in college. #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:21:36
  14. PaperWadofGod
    water tank talk, that takes me back to oklahoma @newsmanone #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:24:23
  15. PaperWadofGod
    just because Christopher is adopted does not mean he doesn’t deserve two first names @newsmanone #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:26:34
  16. PaperWadofGod
    cliff barnes and christopher…an alliance or charcters i am bored by @newsmanone
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:32:16
  17. PaperWadofGod
    mrs ewing has her gun out again @newsmanone #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:34:28
  18. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR: “Bullets don’t seem to have much an effect on me, darlin’.”
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:35:57
  19. PaperWadofGod
    real power is something you take @newsmanone #taoofdallas
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:36:59
  20. PaperWadofGod
    Christopher is cheating on his wife wit clean fuel alternatives @newsmanone #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:42:07
  21. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Three mentions of Pam in this episode. Will we see a Victoria Principal appearance? #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:43:10
  22. PaperWadofGod
    JR is slamming the nursing home food…hopefully not the red jello though @newsmanone #jello
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:43:40
  23. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod John Ross makes out with Jordana Brewster. The evil farmhand snaps away with an iPhone. Grifter wife will be sad. #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:49:48
  24. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone sad because of the data overages? cause that was what the cell commercial was talknig about
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:53:48
  25. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod The grifter wife is having second thoughts. Tosses away remote computer access. #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:58:55
  26. PaperWadofGod
    i am happy because i just saw an american sports car on #dallastnt after the german and italian imports last week @newsmanone
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 21:59:01
  27. PaperWadofGod
    oh no…christopher’s wife sent the break up e-mail #dallastnt @newsmanone
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 22:00:09
  28. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Bobby is on to JR.; JR is playing everybody, including his son.; The women can’t be trusted. Friends, that’s #dallastnt
    Wed, Jun 20 2012 22:00:54

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