Dallas TNT premier in tweets

  1. newsmanone
    Hello everyone. @PaperWadofGod and I are watching the #Dallas premier on #TNT. There will be tweeting.
  2. PaperWadofGod
    the elder Ewings have health issues…are they going Lane Price on us? @newsmanone #DallasTNT
  3. PaperWadofGod
    Porsche…so driving German cars and speaking French, not your father’s Dallas @newsmanone #DallasTNT
  4. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR’s depressed, Bobby has cancer, JR’s son and his hot girlfriend are digging for oil while Bobby’s kid sells alt energy.
  5. PaperWadofGod
    the kids are beautiful people but the energy talk is too much for even me, ethanol chatter and i am out @newsmanone #DallasTNT
  6. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone digging for oil feels like a euthanism…I do feel like a complicated estate is a good plot, part Henry V and part Giant
  7. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Southfork for sale? Oil discovered. Bobby trying to do the right thing. Chris Ewing and JR Jr. in a fistfight. #TNTDallas
  8. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Bobby promises John Ross “the fight of his life.” This is JUICY. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying this. #TNTDallas
  9. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone John Ross…I like the double first name…works for Cathlolics and works for the Waltons
  10. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod I like that it took less than 25 minutes for the whole family to start suing one another. #TNTDallas Let’s get snide.
  11. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod So Christopher’s magic methane effort might cause earthquakes. How soon will he make the wrong decision? #DallasTNT
  12. PaperWadofGod
    i feel like the “clean fuels cause earthquakes” storyline was a condition of the Dallas Rotary @newsmanone #DallasTNT
  13. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod When Larry Hagman opened his eyes as JR, it was like Darth Vader rose again. Chills! #DallasTNT
  14. PaperWadofGod
    JR likes fried chicken…I think The Colonel may be the one to kill JR this time around @newsmanone #DallasTNT
  15. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR: “Son, the courts are for amateurs and the faint of heart. This is personal.” We’ve missed you, JR. #DallasTNT
  16. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone John Ross is also trending, the bad boys are definitely winning in the court of popular opinion
  17. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod You have to love a Texas woman who knows how to load a shotgun in home defense. #DallasTNT
  18. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Mrs. Bobby discovers her hubby is on serious medication for his gut cancer. #DallasTNT
  19. PaperWadofGod
    @newsmanone web research does not feel overly Texan…this new fangled Dallas is confusing…i want more fried chicken and jello #DallasTNT
  20. PaperWadofGod
    John Ross used an evil technology called e-mail to break up Christopher and the Jordana Brewster character @newsmanone
  21. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod Christopher to John Ross: I know it was you. (Unspoken: Fredo! You broke my heart!) #DallasTNT
  22. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod I got $5 says it wasn’t John Ross who broke up Elana and Christopher. #DallasTNT
  23. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR: “This is for all the marbles, son. You didn’t think I would put all my oil in one barrel, did you?” #DallasTNT
  24. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR to John Ross: “Son, never pass up a good chance to shut up.” #DallasTNT BEST. LINE. EVER.
  25. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod JR: “Old fogies like me don’t email. We talk to each other. Face to face.” #DallasTNT
  26. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod You know what they say in Mexico? It’s better to be old than the devil. (Cut to shot of JR.) #DallasTNT
  27. PaperWadofGod
    Christopher’s wife is running a scam on the Ewing’s…except she did not count on falling in love @newsmanone
  28. newsmanone
    @PaperWadofGod John Ross ping pongs between hot women, gets drugged and videotaped for future blackmail. That’s Dallas. #DallasTNT

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