Mad Men: Christmas Waltz in tweets

  1. newsmanone
    Hello, everyone. I’m going to be live tweeting during tonight’s #MadMen with pal @PaperWadofGod. Join in at 9 p.m. central.
    Sun, May 20 2012 21:56:21
  2. newsmanone
    My friend @yvonnebeasley has been disappointed in #MadMen Season 5 thus far. I’ve been bummed there’s not enough Joanie.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:01:10
  3. newsmanone
    A #MadMen episode that focuses on Lane feels like a #FamilyGuy that focuses on Meg.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:02:16
  4. newsmanone
    Are we looking at an embezzlement episode on #MadMen?
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:03:07
  5. newsmanone
    Pete to Roger: Are you drunk?
    Roger: Pearl Harbor Day. Show some respect. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:06:04
  6. newsmanone
    Of departed #MadMen characters, I would have preferred to see Sal, the old art director.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:09:06
  7. newsmanone
    Lane’s plan to embezzle money from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce hits a snag. Pete whines about reaction to Jaguar account. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:12:01
  8. newsmanone
    I know it’s history, but the hippie mumbo jumbo of the 1960s gives me a headache. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:14:29
  9. newsmanone
    Joan: Mr. Sterling, since you’re dressed for fishing, you’d have better success if you were quiet. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:15:25
  10. newsmanone
    So Roger DOES know the kid was his son. He’s even tried not to be a deadbeat dad, but Joan is not playing along. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:16:04
  11. newsmanone
    That girl Paul Kinsey is canoodling looks like vaguely like Cobie Smulders. Maybe I’m just seeing her everywhere since #Avengers. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:18:10
  12. newsmanone
    Paul Kinsey is trending on Twitter. Long live #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:18:39
  13. newsmanone
    Megan Draper could drag me to the theater, but I don’t think she can make me like it. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:19:17
  14. newsmanone
    Megan to Don: Yep. Nope. That should have been our wedding vows. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:19:56
  15. newsmanone
    Don to Megan after the play: No one has made a stronger statement against advertising than you. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:21:27
  16. newsmanone
    Paul Kinsey is trying to pass a Star Trek to Gene Roddenberry through Harry. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:23:38
  17. newsmanone
    Random theory: Will Don quit advertising? #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:27:15
  18. newsmanone
    Is Lane going to doom the company by forging checks on a loan the company didn’t authorize? #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:24:08
  19. Stoned_Phillips
    It totally does. RT @newsmanone: Don spent 37 percent of his time on #MadMen napping. This is made up, but it feels about right.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:27:54
  20. newsmanone
    Dear @amctv, stop shoving #ThePitch down our throats. It’s terrible. You know it. We know it. Just spike it.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:28:01
  21. newsmanone
    Joan Harris just got severed. Divorce papers. And she flipped out on the office assistant. With an airplane. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:32:27
  22. newsmanone
    Joan: It used to be when somebody want to see me in reception, it was because they were sending me flowers. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:35:28
  23. newsmanone
    Is, at last, the Don Draper-Joan Harris hookup? Probably not, but it’s fun to play act. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:34:15
  24. newsmanone
    Joan: It used to be when somebody want to see me in reception, it was because they were sending me flowers. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:35:28
  25. newsmanone
    Don to Joan: Congratulations. For getting to divorced. Nobody realizes how bad it has to get for it to get there. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:36:29
  26. newsmanone
    I am loving this scene between Joan and Don. Two old friends, stars of the show who are feeling their age. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:37:14
  27. newsmanone
    Uh-oh. Paul Kinsey’s girl is coming after Henry. Wait. Did I just type that somebody is coming after Henry? #MadMen lost sanity.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:38:06
  28. newsmanone
    A woman just said, “I’m burning for you.” To Harry. And then demanded to be taken from behind. #MadMen is off the tracks.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:38:53
  29. newsmanone
    Joan to Don in a fedora: You and me in Midtown. You with that look on your face? Oh, Joan. I love you. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:39:54
  30. newsmanone
    This scene between Joan and Don is the sexiest damned thing that’s been on #MadMen this year INCLUDING Zou Bisou Bisou.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:40:57
  31. newsmanone
    Don to Joan: Poor me, I struck out.
    Joan: Whose gonna believe that?
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:41:58
  32. newsmanone
    Oh, Joan. You are such a lady. The Joan-Don scene was like watching an old movie with Bogie and Bacall. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:44:01
  33. newsmanone
    If this Harikrishna stuff with Harry and Paul’s girlfriend makes sense to anybody, send me a message. I don’t get it. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:49:36
  34. newsmanone
    Once again, Megan tells the truth. To Don, she says: You used to love your work … you’ve loved it before you ever met me. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:50:48
  35. newsmanone
    Roger delivers someone else’s flowers to Joan. He complains about the tip. Joan replies, “Do you want a tip, too.” Joan rules. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:53:16
  36. newsmanone
    I hate this Harry-Paul story as much as I loved the Joan-Don story. It’s the #MadMen ying-yang.
    Sun, May 20 2012 22:59:40
  37. newsmanone
    Oh my god. Don is having another Carousel moment RE: Jaguar. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:03:10
  38. newsmanone
    Megan is the perfect wife for Don. She jump-started his passion for life and his work. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:04:35
  39. newsmanone
    Senior and junior partners in a firm deferred their own bonuses to help the employees. Imagine that. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:05:25
  40. b_scheller
    @newsmanone Still, it’s a bit of a come and go for Don. Sort of lost it last season when he became a serious douche.
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:18:39
  41. newsmanone
    @b_scheller I think the real Don Draper just stood up. #MadMen
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:15:49
  42. b_scheller
    @newsmanone Don seems like a shell of a man one way or another.
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:08:29
  43. newsmanone
    That’s it for this week, friends. No podcast this week, but we’ll chat #MadMen soon. From the capital city of Iowa, be kind and behave.
    Sun, May 20 2012 23:07:24

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