The Big Bang Theory Season 5 finale in tweets

  1. newsmanone
    It’s been a down season for #bbt, despite the fact that it’s gotten its highest ratings ever. Big Bang Theory feels more like Friends.
  2. newsmanone
    Shedon on the Russian space program: All from a country whose cultural contribution is Tetris. #bbt
  3. newsmanone
    Howard on Leonard’s mid-coitus proposal to Penny: Did you get down on one knee or were you already there? #bbt
  4. newsmanone
    Raj: If I hadn’t been an astrophysicist, I would have been a party planner. It was always a coin flip. #bbt
  5. newsmanone
    Sheldon to Howard: I can’t be in your debt. Someday you might ask me to help you move. Or kill a man. #bbt
  6. newsmanone
    Amy at Howard-Bernadette wedding: Thank you for allowing me to your made of honor. I will do it again if this marriage craps out. #bbt
  7. saraintransit
    “The need for humans to find someone to share their lives with puzzles me. Maybe it’s because I’m so awesome all by myself.” -Sheldon #bbt
  8. lorean09
    Leonard: C’mon the wedding will be fun. Sheldon: That’s what you said about the Green Lantern movie … you were wrong.
    Lol #BBT
  9. newsmanone
    Well this was awful. Big Bang Theory is going to have to work to get my eyeballs back this fall. #bbt finale
  10. newsmanone
    The saccharine hand-holding coda to the episode was just wretched. I’m actively angry at Big Bang Theory’s sell-out. #bbt

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