Netflix Streaming Bargain Bin: “Switched at Birth”

An Introduction:

One of the great things about the internet is that there is a community for every interest and there is bound to be a tremendous resurce out there to service that community, whether it is G. I. Joe filecards, the Cancellation Bear, or a site detailing the nude scenes of every Hollywood starlet (you can find this site yourself).

I feel there is a community that may not even recognize themselves as such and that is subscribers to Netflix instant streaming who have run out of interesting things to watch.  I plan on reviewing a series of Netflix Instant titles that are in the bargain bin but were suprisingly enjoyable when dusted off.  Read a 5 sentence review on these hidden gems and if you agree, add it to that Instant Queue.

5 Sentence Review of ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth

5.  One of the pleasures of Instant Streaming is you can sample an episode or two of a tv series and delete the series if it is a dud but if it is unexpected pleasure like this series you can look forward to hours of commercial-free entertainment.

4. The show’s premise is simple but effective: the wealthy, WASPish Kennish family represented by stay at home mom Kathryn (Lea Thompson) and jock dad John (DW Moffett) discover their artistic, rebelious daughter Bay (Vanessa Marano) was switched at birth in a hospital error with athletic and “good daughter” Daphne Vasquez (Katie Leclerc), a deaf teen living with her struggling single mother Regina (Santa Barbara’s Constance Marie).

3.  Plotlines like merging with a new family, sibling rivalry and the decision or whether to sue the hospital or not sound like they might be tired tropes but the quality of the acting, combined with the seriousness the plot is treated with without being over the top or melodramatic in the way Lifetime movies can sometimes be, makes for compelling viewing.

2. Adding to the understated feel is the location in Kansas City, Missouri, a city that feels as unassuming and straightforward as Emmett Bledsoe (Sean Berdy), Daphne’s long-time best friend who is also deaf, whose calm debonair evokes a young Steve McQueen and whose deafness is a compelling part of his story without defining him.

1. If you find yourself enjoying the show (even despite yourself), you may want to sample other ABC Family shows on Instant Streaming like “Make it or Break It” or “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” which I felt were a step below but do have ABC Family’s common traits of ernest acting and terrific cinematography (often best seen in the end credits).

The Lovely Stars of “Switched at Birth”

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