5 sentence review of Pan Am

Season 1, Episode 13: “Romance Languages”

5. “Pan Am” is (allegedly) cancelled, though ABC claims it is still a contender for a second season.

4. This is (probably) not true given that Sunday’s episode was original supposed to air between episodes six and seven, so it makes no sense at all but does explain some head-scratching moments in the previous six episodes.

3. The only thing more pointless than watching “Pan Am” at this stage is reviewing “Pan Am.”

2. I knew this show wasn’t great, but I liked it and had fun looking at a quartet of beautiful women — Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie, Karine Vanasse and Kelli Garner — in vintage clothes.

1. My big hope is the show’s brief run, which ends this Sunday, has given Robbie, Vanasse and especially Garner enough exposure to land them gigs I can enjoy their performances again soon.

"Pan Am" is grounded, but Kelli Garner makes the General's heart go pitter-pat.

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