5 sentence review of House of Lies

Season 1, Episode 4: “Mini-Mogul”

5. The lingerie scene with Kristen Bell promised in the “House of Lies” trailer finally happened in the show’s fourth episode when her character, Jeannie, beds some moody coffeehouse singer with an acoustic guitar because she has “daddy issues.”

4. If you ask me, it’s a dirty trick to get people to watch the show for four episodes, but the promise of it was really all that kept me watching.

3. I’m sure this says something terrible about me as a person, but I’m probably no worse than the ugly corporate parasites depicted here.

2. Marty (Don Cheadle) is forced to bring his gender questioning son, Roscoe (Donis Leonard Jr.),  a kid who seems to be the most intellectually stable person on the program, along on their effort to work with some narcissistic Internet billionaire, which forces Doug (Josh Lawson) into the role of babysitter and Marty into the role of drunk dialer to his ex-wife (Dawn Olivieri).

1. Jeannie is engaged but sleeping around and I’m sure there was some other stuff going on, but I lost interest and the only thing I can really say about this show is that it is mercifully only half an hour an episode.

Kristen Bell was nearly naked in the last episode of "House of Lies." It was sexy, but hardly worth watching this show.

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