5 sentence preview of Downton Abbey season two

5. With few new episodes airing as part of the wide-spread conspiracy that time should be spent with family over the holidays, show reviews have been thin on the ground and TV reviewers are left with ideas as bizarre as comparing soccer-predictive animals (check this space for future link).

4. Instead of reviewing a show, I will do an ESPN-style “What’s Next” look at returning show “Downton Abbey” to PBS this Sunday in my market.

3. Rather than dwell on plot which I don’t recall from last season, “Downton Abbey” does give the viewer British speakers, strained Jane Austin-style romantic entanglements and  bucolic rural scenery, whose expense capturing on film lead to a slow return for the show and said forgetting of last year’s plot.

2. Within the Crawley family the show centers on, Hugh Richard Bonneville is no Cam Newton when it comes to filling out an Under Armour wife beater but he plays the perfect stolid English patriarch and youngest daughter Jessica Brown-Findlay looks better clothed than many participants of ESPN’s latest Body issue do nude.

1. You don’t have to take my word for it either in declaring this show a hit: the Guinness Book of World’s Records entered “Downton Abbey” as 2011’s “highest critical review ratings for a TV show,” becoming the first British show to be so recognized and placing the show alongside two obese guys on motorbikes and Adam Carolla.

Jessica Brown-Findlay stars in "Downton Abbey."

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