5 sentence review of American Horror Story, Season 1, Episode 4

Connie Britton stars in FX's "American Horror Story."

5. “American Horror Story, the weirdest show on TV, turned up the strange Wednesday when the Rubber Man murders a feuding couple, Chad (Zachary Quinto) and Patrick (Teddy Sears), on the eve of Halloween 2010 while in the present Tate (Evan Peters) reveals to Violet (Taissa Farmiga) that the abortionist who built the house (Matt Ross) tried to sew his murdered and rendered infant son back together with pig parts.

4. Burned face Larry (Denis O’Hare), who seemingly dispatched Ben’s (Dylan McDermott) ex-lover, Hayden (Kate Mara), in the previous episode, turns up for his $1,000 and gets aggressive with his collections while Violet is home alone which is when Rubber Man mysteriously appears.

3. Addie (Jamie Brewer) gets run over while trick-or-treating and Constance (Jessica Lange) tries to save her by dragging her body on the lawn of the house.

2. Vivien (Connie Britton) experiences a pregnancy complication and the ultrasound image of she and Ben’s unborn kid cause the nurse to faint.

1. Violet’s panicked call sends Ben and Vivien racing home to find a trashed house, Violet missing and a dirt-riddled ghost of Hayden trick-or-treating at the door.

One thought on “5 sentence review of American Horror Story, Season 1, Episode 4

  1. really enjoying your 5-sentence takes, which i have found to be mostly right on point (only wrong when not in agreement with me of course)! this show is like a trainwreck i can’t seem to ignore, but it does have great actors, great writing, and high production value. unfortunately our trust of ryan murphy has taken a hit since jumping the shark with nip/tuck and getting close to it again now with glee. anyway, thanks for the insightful commentary…always fun to read ;) peace, tina twitter @tinaandbrandon and @bellasoulmusic

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