5 sentence review of The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2

5. The second episode of the second season of “The Walking Dead” is the single best episode of television this year.

4. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) rush gunshot Carl (Chandler Riggs) to a nearby farm, where the hunter who accidentally shot the boy, Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince), lives with Hershel (Scott Wilson), a peaceable veterinarian of faith.

3. Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) frets over T-Dog’s (IronE Singleton) infected wound and fever while the rest of the group fruitlessly seeks for missing Sophie (Madison Lintz).

2. Hershel’s daughter, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), storms in on horseback to rescue Andrea (Laurie Holden) from a zombie and collect Rick’s wife, Laurie (Sarah Wayne Callies), while Shane and Otis brave the zombie-infested high school to collect medical supplies.

1. “The Walking Dead” packed the perfect amount of humanity with action, violence and gore to earn a spot next to AMC’s other primer dramas, “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.”

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