5 reasons why the barbershop beats the salon

Shakira really has nothing to do with this post other than she is sitting in a barber chair. She is also attractive. People click on links with attractive women. I would probably ditch my barber for Shakira if she were a stylist in Des Moines. She is not. So I am sticking with my barber. Photo: Girlwallpaper.me

5. The stylist enters my name, address, telephone number, email address and credit rating into a massive nationwide database for the purposes of marketing, coupons and demographic profiling of customers. The barber keeps my phone number in a handwritten appointment book and calls me when a spot opens up on an appointment day.

4. Salon conversation topics: the stylist’s family, the stylist’s significant other and the thing the stylist’s social life. Barbershop conversation topics: guns, cars and sports.

3. Salon TV: no TV. Barbershop TV: History Channel, truTV or Wheel of Fortune.

2. Salon magazines: Marie Claire, People and O. Barbershop magazines: old Captain America comics, the local newspaper and Entertainment Weekly. (It used to be Playboy, but the barber got married.)

1. Stylist shaves unruly neck hairs with a disposable razor. Barber shaves unruly facial hairs with a straight-edge razor.

Your takes.

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