Morning Mixtape: ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ by Eric Clapton

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One of the early CDs I bought after getting my first player was “Timepieces: The Best of Eric Clapton.” The album opened with Clapton’s cover of Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff.” This is a great musical journey, but the narrative is very odd to me. The narrator is admitting guilt in one murder, but not another. Is this something that would lead the authorities — who were apparently seeking him for the murder of a deputy — to say, “Oh, you shot the sheriff, but not the deputy? Well, then, free to go, mate.” It is not the best strategy for defense I have encountered. But it’s a song, not law school. And it’s an enjoyable song at that. Have a good day, friends.

On TV: 5-sentence review of ‘Doctor Who: Listen’


Doctor Who” | Series 7, Episode 4 | “Listen” | Sept. 13, 2014

5. Again I find myself at the end of another “Doctor Who” episode wondering when the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is going to do something — anything — interesting.

4. “Listen” finds the Doctor investigating the age-old mystery: What’s that under your bed?

3. The episode was gloriously shot, moody and well-produce, but the plot felt like a slightly darker version of “Monsters, Inc.,” and it again makes Clara (Jenna Coleman) the center of the universe.

2. Coleman is top-notch as Clara, but the series has become entire about how this woman — through the magic of time travel — has essentially created everything good in the Doctor’s character, from which TARDIS the Doctor stole to his heroic nature to curing his childhood fear of the dark.

1. Capaldi is still commanding when he is allowed on screen, but the Clara storyline has essentially wiped out any of the Doctor’s role in choosing his own destiny; every moment in his life seems to have been orchestrated by Clara — either by accident or purpose — and it feels like the Doctor has been hollowed out as a character, a big nothing without Clara’s influence.

Morning Mixtape: ‘Doctor Look Out’ by Orbital

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In the early 2000s, influenced by my friend David, I explored electronica music. One group I discovered Orbital, an English band. My favorite track by them was a remix of the “Doctor Who” theme called “Doctor Look Out.” Here’s one version of the song, mixed with clips from the first 50 years of the program. Enjoy.