Moments: On balance


I’ve written brief posts in recent weeks about my new job. It’s a great job. It’s my dream job. And I’m having a blast.

But I’ve gotten my balance is off. More than six weeks have passed since I last regularly watched any of the TV shows I follow. I’ve got two months of unread comic books stacked on my bedside reading table. I’m afraid I’ll die in avalanche of comics and magazines and my obituary will lead with the word “Kapow!”

So I’ve made some sacrifices. I got rid of my DVR. For now, that’s me acknowledging I can’t do everything. The creative energy I put into reviews is being used up at work. This means an end to regular reviews on General Tso’s Revenge. I can’t keep up. And I find myself drawn to more soothing television than the modern stuff, the kinds of shows they run on MeTV or H&I.

And I’ve got this wonderful DVD collection that I need to pay more attention to. Maybe I’ll write about a few of those movies.

The personal reflections I gave away for free on this blog, I now publish at work for pay. Some, but not all. Maybe the ones that don’t show at work will find there way back to General Tso’s Revenge. I’m not sure.

Anyway, there are still going to be regular Snapshots. And I hope to do more reading, so I think I’ll have, I hope, more Great Paragraphs. The comedy I wrote for the site is showing up at work, too, but there’s always a few more laughs to be had.

And I’m going to stick with the Morning Mixtape for the foreseeable future.

To all the readers who came to the blog and talked TV or movies or comics or whatever, I’m thankful. I’m sorry there won’t be as much new content as there was when I was really attacking the reviews.

But I need a break. I need to get some balance. Take time each day to count the blessings and smell the roses and about a half a dozen other cliches.

Anyway, I’m not killing the blog. But I’m definitely slowing it down.

I’ll still be posting and writing, just less.

I ask you, my friends, as I ask all my fellow Web crawlers: Be kind to one another. It’s easy to rant and rave. Snark is cheap. But the Internet has to be something more than a place to perfect the expression of anger. We can all do better.

Until next time, friends, make art, like what you like, live and let live and, above else:

Behave and be kind.

- 30 -